I'm Karan Kapoor.
UX Designer

I’m a passionate designer with an eye for detail and problem solving through design. I specialize in creating visually appealing and feasible designs, Design Systems & Prototyping and Animation. I believe in the concept of shared learning & for that reason I've been building a design community where I share my knowledge of UX Design and Figma by conducting weekly YouTube live sessions for the past 7 months.


Domains and companies I've worked in


Freelance, UX Designer

Working on UX projects in multiple domains such as Fintech & Healthcare to provide design solutions to the company clientele.


Guesthouser, UX Designer

As a small design team of two people we worked on creating a cohesive design language system for the company.


Chapter Apps Inc., Android Developer

I was responsible for creating superior user experiences for various clients for the online training platform.

My Skillset

I identify myself as a life long learner and this mindset has led me to learn skills in various domains. Some of which are listed here.

UX Design

In the past 2 years, I've worked with multiple startups to solve problems through design. I'm constantly evolving and expanding my knowledge of the domain since then

Visual Design

I specialize in creating scalable design solutions for companies. The solutions are a blend of visual appeal and brand identity.

Motion Design

I have been learning about principles of motion design since my college days. I've used these learning to create true to life prototypes and interactive apps.


My friends call me their personal photographer. I'm not comfortable in front of a camera but I know how to get the best shot from behind the lens.


If you area a person who enjoys photography, then I highly recommend that you check out my Instagram. I’m an avid traveller and I capture the best moments that I would love to cherish with the world

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Motion Design & Animation

I have polished my motion design and animation skills ever since I started my design journey, you can view all of those snippets on Dribbble.

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This is what people say about me

Here are a few lines from people who I have worked with over the past 8+ years in my design career.

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‘’Robin is one of the best designers I have worked with in my entire life. He is a designer who is very capable of taking up complex projects and delivers impeccable design.’’
Richard Owens
CEO, Company 1
‘’I think Robin has an incredible gift. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with a designer of this caliber.’’
Emily Parker
CEO, Company 2
‘’All I can say that, Robin is a phenomenal designer. The wavelength at which he thinks is astoundaing. I love the focus, passion and attention to detial in the design.’’
Vincent Rudd
CEO, Company 3


I'm an avid traveler and photographer. These are some snippets of my trips around India. If you want to check the full albums click here.

Let’s talk business

Here are two things I'm good at:

1. Delivering business solutions through superior design

2. Sharing my knowledge of Design systems, Prototyping & Animation

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Philosophy & values

I think everyone wants the same thing - relationship with humanity, peace with the metaphysical, and experience with the universe. I try to grasp these things with my values: authenticity, creativity, & hospitality.

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